Loan Eligibility

Loan Eligibility


Criteria Personal Loan Home Loan
Age (Min-Max yrs) Min 21 yrs- Max 58 yrs Min 21 yrs- Max 65 yrs
Minimum monthly salary
(Cash in hand)
Rs17500 (small cities)
Rs 20,000 (Tier 2)
Rs 25,000 (Metro/Tier 1)
Rs 17500
Minimum work ex in current organisation 12 months 12 months
Minimum total work experience 24 months 24 months
Minimum duration in current residence (if rented) 24 months 24 months

Personal Loan

At several points of one’s life, there is a need to have some extra cash- it could be in good times or not so good times. I-Succceed offers unsecured loans to arrange for such funds at a short notice. Some of the loan requirements are listed below

  • Pay for marriage expenses
  • Go for a honeymoon or travel
  • Celebrate child’s first birthday with a bang!
  • Repay high Credit card outstanding in easy EMI
  • Buy an expensive phone or an appliance
  • Need some extra cash to complete a purchase
  • Pay for hospital bills or medical expenses
  • An unforeseen emergency
  • Or any other reason

Home Loan

Home loan can be used for any purpose like construction of a new house, renovation, purchasing a new or used house. Apply for a loan online from our various lending partners and get the best offers.